Monday, July 10, 2006

UN Predictable politics, sports and the future

A beautiful end to a stressful month. Funny how soccer takes on a life of its own, controls emotions, individuals, citizens, politics and of coarse the economy...yet when you think about it, it's just a game.

I'm very content with the choice of South Africa as a World Cup 2010 host, the benefits that will have on South Africa's economy from beautiful architectural designed stadiums, to advertisements, to tourism and to potential awareness of South Africa's social and political issues. Perhaps this decision will in part help address some of the MDG's before 2015.

Above is an ironic banner they have on their website preparing for a September conference. We'll see shino akhrat'ha ma3a hal UN, an IGO that has not accomplished much in recent years.

Zidane: You will carry a scar of regret for allowing yourself to lose it in the last moments of your career for as long as you live. Instead of leaving the game with pride, you left it with shame. What can I say, Arabs will remain Arabs.

Viva Italia! A team that has it all: looks, charm, skills and great skin tone to match their 4th Cup


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