Wednesday, July 05, 2006

...And World Peace

Hero Square - Budapest
March 20, 2004
Burning torches "peace" event protesting the war on Iraq

The Nabeeha 5 and elections have distracted me from international news. I didn't realize it's been almost a year since the London bombings struck 3 subways and a bus. According to a recent survey by the Times of London 13% of British Muslims believed the 4 July 7 bombers are "martyrs." Nothing disgusts me more than hearing such ignorant, hateful and inhuman views by (most of the time) Muslims or Arabs. How inhuman do we have to get to prove our dedication to Islam? or Arab nationalism for that matter?

A colleague of mine asked me "how can you not feel strongly about the killings of Palestinians?" I replied "I feel horrible about the atrocities that are committed worldwide, and my feelings when a Palestinian is killed is just the same as an Israeli teenager's body being torn to pieces by a suicide bomber falsely labeled as a "freedom fighter."" With shock and disappointment, he said "Where is your Arab nationalism?" I explained to him I don't believe in Arab nationalism, it never succeeded and it's never gonna happen. BeforeI label myself Arab, Muslim, Kuwaiti, or Female, labels that mean NOTHING, I am human. In the wise words of Her Highness Madonna on MTV's TRL "I consider myself a humanist."

2005 was a bad year, London bombings, Rafiq Al Hariri assassination (the best Arab public figure the Middle East ever had), the series of Lebanese assassinations and assassination attempts, the continuous terrorist attacks in Isreal and Iraq. I don't want to witness another episode of shock and awe, I don't want to cry over the loss of Al-Hariri, the hatred in 9/11 and the destruction of Madrid. Aggression is aggression, so whether or not you agree with the cause of the picture above, it will move you some how, the way it moved me. For the sake of sounding like a contestant in an American Beauty Pageant "...and world peace!"

On a non related issue:

الجمعة 7/7
8:30 م
ساحة الإرادة
تجمع بمشاركة النواب لحكومة وطنية دون عناصر الفساد...و هم نبيها 5


Blogger Chai-7aleeb said...

Inshallah Peace and relaxation in the air of Kuwait soon.

Anyway,I see that you use a Manolo Blahnik picture which I'm a big fan of.

Please tell me where I can buy their new collection and why it is not yet in Kuwait?

12:11 AM  
Blogger Chic Politika said...

Inshalla ya Rub!

I'm an MB freak too. Unfortunately Blahnik shoes are not sold in Kuwait, but you may purchase his new collection online at Neiman Marcus.

Otherwise if you're in London or New York, stop by his boutique it's shoe heaven!

10:33 AM  
Blogger Chai-7aleeb said...

thanks dear for the advise on should also not miss seeing the new movie THE DEVIL WEARS is all about how chic the people who wear monolos

2:21 PM  
Blogger Chic Politika said...

Anytime. Yeah I read the book and I wrote a post about it. Can't wait to watch the movie.

11:01 PM  

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