Sunday, June 25, 2006

Falling Apart

Maly khilg a3sser mokhy le'anna oho already ma3ssoor. So, I'm just gonna at7al6am. Feel free to ignore.

Yesterday was hectic, an unprepared for hectic day. Long day at work, a very long, concentration-required, work-related phonecall during my lunch 30 mins. In which I realized right before I went to bed last night that I forgot to mention the most important issues in our discussion and therefore I probably didn't really get my point accross, what a waste.

Workshop that I had been organizing in which most people decided to show up an hour/hour and a half late (3ady dasheen 3ogob sa3a chinna ma sawaw shay!!) Hung around with the instructor to evaluate, rushed back home, changed (haven't ikshikh'd in a while) but I was invited to a dinner in the honor of my recently engaged friend, which was probably a bad idea to attend cuz I just sat there like a vegetable, but she is a close friend so .. food was good... kint yo3ana.. I even forget to eat. I forget to call back my parents. My friend gave birth like 10 days ago (or something like that) still haven't called her, have been wanting to send her flowers, haven't gotten to that yet...I'll call to send flowers now and then call and visit her when elections are over :(

I need a personal assistant. How hard is it to find one here? And am I too young to have one? Perhaps one of those college freshman girls who are dedicated and are always looking for something to do when theyre not studying, polite, helpful, remind u to eat, find everything that comes out of ur mouth to be interesting... perhaps flyers on campuses? A summer intern? And then if she's really good can get hired for the rest of the year... aaah :) Jessica Simpson ain't got nothin' on me!

Aby old school ice cream.. the one with the bubble gum at the bottom, ya.

The image above is the cover of a book "The Second Assistant" about a girl with a Political Science degree who went from working in Washington DC to the Hollywood industry. Thought it would be an easy, fun read for me when I had my operation done a few months ago, but it wasn't that great and it just put me to sleep, or was it the anesthesia? Anyway, I don't recommend but I figured the cover describes my future assistant.


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