Monday, June 05, 2006

Brain Dead

OK so in between my crazy schedule, I decided to splurge online but didn't even have time to browse, so I figured I'll just buy what I need real quick one of this season's must-haves: white jeans.
J Brand, my favorite skinny designer jeans was my choice. Chose my size, click click click.. continued getting ready to go to a click ... put on my head band...answer my phone... slip on my Jimmy Choo's ..blah blah... blur blur.... I seriously don't remember. So, the following night after returning home early from exhaustion, I'm in my bed with my laptop on my lap, I decide to buy a pair of white jeans.. J Brand ... click click click... DONE! Check my email... 2 order confirmations..

Ooops! I bought the same item twice, 2 days wara ba3ath!!

Whoever said marijuana kills brain cells has never done social work.


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