Monday, July 10, 2006

Dr. Al Tabtabaei...Ahead of His Time?

More schools test single-sex classrooms
Federal change expected that will see trend grow further

So segregation, a hot topic amongst youth in Kuwait, and a topic that makes my temperature rise (and not in a good way) whenever I hear it. I've heard the arguments, I've met people who agree with segregated education, people like you and me, but I don't understand it because frankly I don't want to! It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Considering the poor standards of U.S. public school education, reformers have been trying to improve it for years. Currently in the U.S, "at least 223 public schools accross the country already offer some single-sex classrooms." Apparently, students in same-sex classes perform 20-50% better than co-ed classes. I've heard about such statistics in regional development conferences recently, but does performance on tests/exams validate Islamists' decisions to segregate education including higher education in Kuwait? The decision to segregate universities in Kuwait was based on no study other than the religious ideologies interfering with human development in a region that is already 3rd World.

Look at this case! Studies have been conducted before ideas were put forward and decisions made, moo e7na bad decision-making taken by bad-management based on...hawa!! Nothing!!

And so what if the students perform better? They will grow up to be timid, low self-esteemed and perverts.

According to the article, it is a trend that will catch on, but the truth remains that the U.S along with many other Western countries never impose policies on their people that leave them without a the developed world, there is always a choice, and segregated classrooms will remain a "trend."

What do you guys think?


Blogger Chai-7aleeb said...

God bless the good old days when we were all (boys&girls) in one classroom with no harm and no bad intentions.Even our parents were like us and even more liberal.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Extinct Dodo said...

i personally suffered at the hands of segregation in KU. all of a sudden, someone decides they dont like the idea of co-ed classes, without studying the consequences, the pros and cons. we were left without professors, without sections, without lecture halls, nada. i dont know how they expected segregation to work if the number of professors to satisfy the demand was highly insufficient :| it was a joke

3:20 PM  
Blogger dishevelled said...

Umm, I don't think its preforming better in that sense. I'm in KU and here's how it goes. When the section is mixed, there's rarely any curves, cause you got people acing the tests. When the classes are segregated, you end up having a curve, especially in the guys sections. Hence, better test scores. So that might have been the way they meant "preformed better"

Even if they didn't, it still brings up the issue of "life" smart and not just "studying" smart if you know what I mean. These days being "life" smart is much more important. You should know how to deal with people, yu should be outgoing, and you should be opinionated and share your thoughts regardless of who's in front of you (guy, girl, etc)

Also, having to have attended a co-ed highschool, I didn't see/find any negative side about it, just positive sides.

Like you, this topic gets my tempratures up in not a good way :P And can't seem to comprehend people not wanting co-education unless they're not confident enough or feel intimidated by the other sex :)

5:37 AM  
Blogger Chic Politika said...

Funny how things change for the worse not better in this country.

Welcome to my blog. Your argument is the most crucial evidence that our education and political system does not "Plan" anything before or even after they make their retarded decisions

Welcome to my blog. Perhaps you're right about the curving system, and I totally agree with you getting high grades doesn't mean anything, the whole point of getting an education is to prepare you for life, for the future, how can you be prepared if you've been sheltered from the opposite sex?!

9:58 AM  

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