Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Democracy in the Middle East: Creating a Monster?

As much as I'm so proud of my fellow Nabeeha 5 members and the work everyone has put in to make the movement as successful as it has been, as much as I felt...actually, I believe that anything successful and public in the Arab political field may breed negative reactions (amongst other positive ones of course). I had a feeling this would happen:

Following the footsteps of Egypt's opposition movement "Kefaya" (more like following the Nabeeha 5 innitative) which peacefully opposes the current Egyptian regime, a group of Kuwaiti youth in Jahra established a new opposition movement, the Kuwaiti Kefaya Movement...the objective of the movement is not to oppose the Kuwaiti regime, but rather, to fight corruption committed by certain members of both the Cabinet and Parliament.
The Daily Star

This may seem promising, more youth are taking non-violent actions at attempts to solve problems peacefully rather than create ones violently, as we have seen regarding terrorism in the Middle East the past few years. However, a member of the movement explained to The Daily Star that "the majority of citizens suffer due to the corruption." Yes, there is corruption, but I don't believe that the majority of Kuwaitis suffer from it, in comparison to other Arab countries, our lifestyle in Kuwait is stable with many benefits provided by the regime for us. We must first appreciate what we have, before addressing what we don't.

I am glad the youth are getting more involved and awareness is increasing in terms of social and political issues amongst the youth, but I am worried that such a movement may lead to another and another, and we will end up in a mess. Hope all goes well and I salute everyone who stands for what they believe in, but we must remember one thing: democracy is a shared value, my freedom is of others and others' freedoms are of mine. When practicing democracy one must keep in mind others and practice it in a responsible manner, because at the end of the day we are all fighting for the same cause, a better country for our fellow citizens, for our children.

On a doggy note. I took my puppy to the vet yesterday to get groomed, and bought him the cutest stuff from the pet shop (International Veterinary Hospital: they're the best!) I bought him a World Cup t-shirt cuz he likes soccer and 'tis the season; and I also bought him shoes!! I can't get him to keep them on though! Paris? How does Tinkerbell do it?


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