Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Night of Determination: 2

For once, I'm speechless. I really don't know what to say about last night Tuesday May 16th, 2006. The critic in me has disappeared!

One year ago, I was striving with other women and men for my political rights, and at 6:30 pm May 16th, 2005 I was content, and I said to myself I have never felt as Kuwaiti as I have the day I got my rights. History repeats itself...May 16th, 2006, I say: I have never felt as Kuwaiti as I have tonight.

The day I was supposed to celebrate my political rights anniversary, I celebrated it on the streets as a Kuwaiti citizen! Equal to those around me! Equal to those MPs speaking! Equal to Qa'imat Al I'itilafiyah carrying their banners at the Night of Determination 2 !! I felt alive, I felt equal, I felt valuable, I felt Kuwaiti.

To be honest with you (you'd understand after reading my previous post) I'm so used to attending or organizing such events for the past year with the same crowd of phenomenal young people which I have grown to be friends with over the past year. So, I wasn't expecting anything different. I was wrong. I have failed to realize before last night that we have finally reached other people, I have failed to realize that it is possible to be standing next to someone 180 degrees different than myself fighting for the same cause is not just in my dreams, it has become a reality.

Speakers were great, their words were motivational, and touched every person in the crowd. It was inspiring to hear older personalities in established positions support the youth, and all Kuwaiti citizens in a simple, informal environment.

The past year has been our journey to democracy. Thanks to those who made it happen: Night of Determination was a Night of Inspiration.


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