Tuesday, May 23, 2006

2006: Year of Change

So the people spoke. The young generation raised important issues and pulled the older ones in the action. And thats a bump in the road for the government, because how could people peacefully demostrate about an issue they believe in? They thought these views were limited to diwaniyas and liberal newspapers, not to a generation of motivated, determined, active people who want their voices to be heard. Isn't this democracy?? Yes!! It sure the hell is!! Democracy is not having a parliament for decades with no women! Democracy is not a pretty face you brag about in the region and to the West! Democracy is a lifestyle, it's practiced, and it was practiced by young Kuwaitis during the past 4 weeks. Whether the public agrees with the issue or not, the people spoke, and let me tell you something...it was beautiful.

On a different note, 8 women are running for Parliament. I gotta admit I was surprised, cuz one of the things that was bothering about dissolving the Parliament is that many women are not ready for these elections. But 8 women have already declared their Campaign 2006. Don't know if any of them will win, most of them have great political potential, others are just pictures in glossy magazines, and 1 who is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, well..let's stay away from those.

Speaking of staying away, this whole parliament dissolving deal is really affecting me cuz during the Nabeeha 5 movement, as much as I was enjoying it and working on it with a passion, I couldn't wait until it was over cuz I'm very behind on my other love: shopping! I was really looking forward to going back and living the simple life with less meetings and more friends, shopping and R&R. Until the elections are over I won't be completely free to shop, get my nails done, hair, etc. Aaahhh...I miss the days when my agenda had things like 4:00 - Nails, 7:30 - Facial... Now it's like MEETING MEETING MEETING MEETING!! I know I know I'm an online shopping freak and it's so easy blah blah, but believe me with all the stress, phonecalls and planning, there's no time to pop my vitamins! I'm on my break and as I'm blogging I'm buying these ever so cute tops for the summer... I shouldn't be doing this I already owe Neiman Marcus and Saks a @$# load of money! Anyway.. real quick, I went to a reunion of my highschool class...haven't seen most of them in about 10 years, and we picked up right where we left off...love you guys, nothing will every compare to the memories we share.


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