Sunday, May 14, 2006

Arab Youth: Creating a Revolution...

Never have the streets of the Middle East witnessed so much civil involvement, protests, expressing opinions, voices being heard, and for once an attempt at a civilized, democratic lifestyle. Finally!! People are standing up against their oppressive governments and fighting to have a say in the way their country is run. From Beirut to Egypt, from women's rights to 5 constituencies, from "us" to "them."

Join our active youth, men and women, family and friends, fellow citizens, and anyone who loves this country. Solidarity in front of the Parliament, wear orange, voice your choice and be there tonight at 6:00pm: The Night of Determination.

Although I don't believe we live in a culture/region that knows much about democracy, tolerence and non-violent expression, this is your chance to embrace freedom of speech. Let's show the world democracy can work in the Middle East and we will be the ones to practice it.


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