Sunday, January 14, 2007

Model LiLo

I know she's not the smartest, most respectable celebrity, and she's definately not known for her acting or vocal skills. but one thing for certain is Lindsay Lohan's got style... and I heart it!

Whether she's being chased by the paparazzi or posing on the red carpet, she always manages to mix it up with the latest trends. After becoming buddy buddys with Karl Lagerfeld, we all thought (including her I'm sure) she'd end up in last season's Chanel ad campaign.. didn't happen. Then there were speculations that Marc Jacobs would have her as the face of LV or for his own line, but that didn't happen either.

Now, after hearing so much about her deal as the face for Miu Miu Spring 2007, her first ad just popped up and I have mixed feelings about it. I mean, yes, her name as a style icon for young women is attractive and she does have doll-like, sharp but small features, but the ad does not capture her essence of style, a free spirit.

Either it went through some heavy duty photoshop, or they just stuck her face on a Barbie doll's body dressed in a mini model of a Miu Miu outfit. Overall, it's spectacularly done! I like the concept, I'm just not sure if it would've made a difference whether it was Lindsay Lohan or any other girl modelling in the ad.


Blogger Howahkan said...

My younger sister is a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan, I personally am not that keen on her acting skills let alone her singing...But, commenting on the ad; she really does look like a 1950's Barbie Doll yet I wouldn't have known it was her if you didn't mention it..

So, the question is, did they needed to use her for the ad? I think they could have gotten someone much cheaper and made her look the same...But, again, her popularity alone can increase sales of the product (im rambling too much :/)

10:26 PM  
Blogger 3abeer said...

I like Lindsey Lohan's looks and attitude
and I sorta like the ad..they tend to use alot of brushing for all photographs and ads of that sort that they hardly resemble the person they chose! but it's just the way it is.. and her name will attract a young and trendy segment.

3:35 AM  
Blogger Chic Politika said...


Noo! Ramble Ramble!!


Ya, I think so too.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Amunki said...

Yup... This one definitely gets the photoshop award :)

btw, my blog has moved.. so make sure you go to


1:30 PM  

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