Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bumpy Start

Remember my last post about de-stress? Ya.. not happening.. 2007: I don't think it's working out.

Random Rant
I was attending a luncheon for work and sat with my boss with - what we later found out - the weirdest person I've met. Well, this year at least. The table consisted of my boss, 3 foreign guests, Dr. CRAZY WOMAN, and your truly.

Introductions were made and then it started:
Plz keep in mind when reading the dialogue that this woman is so depressing, monotone, speaks broken, old school Kuwaiti english, with no smile on her face and is terribly inappropriate!

Dr. Crazy Woman to my boss: I want you to manufacture my product.

Boss: Unfortunately we do not provide technical assistance, but what is your product?

Dr. CW: Why?? It is for babies who cannot drink milk from their mothers! Sometimes babies vomit, it is a tube. Sometimes, women are on liquid diet, it is for them to suck the liquid without vommiting! (............??)

Boss: (uncomfortable and obviously grossed out by the inappropriate table conversation): That sounds interesting, well.. I wish you best of luck with your endeavor.

Turns to the foreign guests

So, is this your first time in Kuwait?

Foreign Guest: Yes, we just arrived last...

Dr. CW interrupts: But then what you do? What is your job? If you not manufacture this device for me?

My boss explains the nature of our work which has absolutely nothing to do with manufacturing individuals projects, nor do we work in the sciences.

FG: It's awfully cold in Kuwait, does it snow at all.

My boss and I in unison: No!

Dr. CW: Yes! It's snow last week.

Me: I wasn't here last week, but maybe that's hail (I translated in Arabic since she obviously wouldn't understand what that is)

Dr. CW: No! In the farms there is snow! on the ground. They found in the morning! Snow! Thalj!

Me: Yeah, it was around zero degrees so I guess any water would freeze at that temperature. Thalj mo ya3ny snow, it's just frozen water.. ice (trying to explain as much as I can to an idiot and obviously losing my patience).

Dr. CW: No! I see bicture.

FG: So, is the education system in Kuwait segregated?

Me: Public education K-12, yes. Universities were never segregated until recently.

Dr. CW: No! My college is not, it is mix. When I was in college 1990 I study with boys it is mix.

Is this woman living in a cave??!! My boss and I excused ourselves early!! How can a woman invited to such an event who is a PhD holder, be that dumb?


Blogger Closet Diva said...

OMG sounds like a nightmare!

9:12 AM  
Blogger mosan mosan said...

thats funny ,,, well done I started to picture her in my mind ... I've met Phd's like that both women and men... its really refreshing when you meet with a q8i phd holder with proper education


11:27 AM  
Blogger Chic Politika said...

Closet Diva

I know, nothing I hate more than wasting time with ppl like that.


Right?! My junior at work spent a decade in the US and can't read English well enough to pull up a file.. so sad.

12:05 AM  
Blogger DaNDoOoSha said...

Oh yeah she is totally crazy and she doesn't know what's going on ! she just want to involve hereself o bas :P

11:59 AM  

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